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After Quince, Here's Your Next Glamorous Night

July 17, 2008 at 10:36 AM by Isabella Wall | Comments

When your quince is over, it’s natural to think, now what? Some girls feel a letdown after the excitement of the planning and the party ends. Relatives fly back home, friends no longer come over for dance rehearsals ... you’re not the center of attention anymore. But don’t get depressed! In two short years, you will get to celebrate another big, glamorous milestone: PROM! (or la graduación, in Spanish-speaking countries).

After all the money you spent on quince, you may be worried about how you’re going to afford prom. After all, the average prom-goer spends $790 on the night! There is good news: For prom, you can reuse some of your quinceañera items and apply the budget-saving tips you’ve learned from me.

Budget and Prioritize

  • Just like you did for your quince, make a budget and start saving right away for the expenses you’ll definitely have: the ticket, the limo, the post-prom plans, the beauty products. But rethink how much you need to spend on fashion. Can you reinvent your quince dress and use the same accessories and shoes? This could save you major dinero!

Shop for a Quince Dress with Prom in Mind

  • For prom, you’ll want to look stunning in a more Hollywood-glam way, rather than in the fairy-tale style suited for quinceañera (with poofy skirts). You could consider a “convertible” quince dress, which has a detachable skirt. You can wear the dress without the full skirt for your prom.

Take Your Quince Dress to a Talented Seamstress

  • Maybe some adjustments can be made to your dress, like shortening the skirt, changing the sleeves, or attaching the bodice to a different skirt. The cost of revamping your quince dress could be less than buying a new prom dress, if you know the right seamstress.

Trade In Your Dress

  • Visit donatemydress.org and look up dress donation drives in your area. Call them to ask if they’d let you trade in your quinceañera dress for a prom dress that someone has donated.

Did you or someone you know reuse a quince dress for prom? Tell us!

Dubbed "The Fairy Godmother of Quinceañeras" by the Latin media, Isabella is the leading expert on quinceañeras.

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Dubbed "The Fairy Godmother of Quinceañeras" by the Latin media, Isabella is the leading expert on quinceañeras.


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