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Your Photography Checklist

May 17, 2008 at 11:00 PM by Isabella Wall | Comments

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On your big day, you will be sooo busy that you'll hardly have time to snap your own photos. Even if you hire a photographer, my first tip is to always designate a dama or chambelán to coordinate las fotos. The photographer does not know which of your amigos y familia are most special to you, so it's best to have a loved one guide him or her around.

Next, think about inviting your photographer to la iglesia or the hall beforehand. This might be at your rehearsal. It's important for the photographer to observe the lighting and the setting. It's also your chance to explain the types of shots you're looking for. If the photographer isn't used to the quinceañera rite, this is especially important. He or she might miss the small moments that are very special.

If you're not hiring a photographer, ask loved ones or members of your court to help out. When everyone else is snapping pictures of you, make sure there are at least one or two people capturing the expressions of papi y mami, because they will be priceless! For parents, letting go of su niña is never easy, so these photos will be full of emotion.

Here's a recap of must-have moments for your photo album:

  • Getting ready - these shots might include you and your damas checking yourselves out in the mirror, your chambelanes tightening their bowties, your máma brushing her hair, etc.
  • Grand entrances - you and your court at the church and/or hall
  • All major ceremony rituals: The changing of the shoe, crowning, presentation of flowers to the Virgin Mary, lighting of candles, dance with Dad, etc.
  • Eyewitnesses - Shots of guests (parents especially) watching the ceremony
  • Any speaker, emcee, singer, or reader
  • The ceremony location, both inside and out
  • Exits - your padres and abuelos, you and your court
  • Getting into the limo
  • Close-up of special items, like your tiara, last doll, bouquet, the Bible
  • First dance with Dad
  • Parents dancing
  • Tables, especially yours and those of close family members
  • The food and cake, before anyone eats
  • You cutting the cake
  • The gift table
  • The band or DJ
  • The dancing!!

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Dubbed "The Fairy Godmother of Quinceañeras" by the Latin media, Isabella is the leading expert on quinceañeras.

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Dubbed "The Fairy Godmother of Quinceañeras" by the Latin media, Isabella is the leading expert on quinceañeras.


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