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Your Quince Countdown

Tip: Print this checklist and hang it somewhere you look every day!

photo by: Johan Gerber

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1 year before

  • Set a date and mark it on the calendar!
  • Book the ceremony and after-party locations.
  • Choose your dream theme or color scheme.
  • Bling or budget? Calculate the costs with your parents.

6 months before

  • Avoid dress stress! Order your glam gown and your mom’s ensemble now.
  • Pick your damas and chambelanes and keep them in the loop. (Send them e-cards on MisQuinceMag.com!)
  • Talk to padrinos about contributions.

3 months before

  • Pick out dresses for damas and get them ordered.
  • Purchase (or start making) decorations and favors.
  • Check out tuxedo styles for chambelanes.

2 months before

  • Buy your tiara and other accessories. Try on your gown and schedule alterations if necessary.
  • Select music. Choreograph and practice dances with both your court of honor and your dad.
  • Tell guys which tuxedo to order and where.

1 month before

  • Book two hairstyling appointments — one to practice with the tiara and another for the real deal.
  • Have your damas fitted for their dresses.

2 weeks before

  • Fend off foot agony! Walk around in your quince heels.
  • Double check that all tuxedos have been ordered.
  • Make sure damas pick up dresses.

1 week before

  • Be wrinkle-free! Have your gown pressed and pick up the crinoline underskirt, if rented.
  • Remind guys to pick up tuxedos.
  • Get a mani/pedi a day or two before the big event.
  • If you are expecting your period, be prepared! Get the 411 at beinggirl.com.

The big day!

  • Eat breakfast!
  • Enjoy your superstar quinceañera!
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