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How to Plan Your Quinceañera Mass

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If you want a traditional mass before your party but don’t know where to start, we’ve got answers! Check out this excerpt from the new Quinceañera Planner and Keepsake ($24.99, Sadlier) – then order your copy so you can pencil in all your plans!

A Mass of Thanksgiving is a beautiful and symbolic way to celebrate your quinceañera ceremony. If you will plan a Mass of Thanksgiving at your parish church, be sure to begin by asking your pastor about it and being open to any parish guidelines for the celebration. Guidelines have been designed to help and support you and your family and to deepen your relationship with God and the Church. Some parishes allow private quinceañera ceremonies, and others offer group quinceañera in which several girls celebrate together.

As you begin to plan your Mass, your pastor or a person he assigns will be an indispensable contact. He or she will be involved in any required orientation, rehearsals, classes, and planning. Discuss all your plans with this person to ensure that everything you’re planning is permitted.

Questions to ask...

  • Will your family need to register at the parish if you have not already?
  • If you will celebrate at a parish other than your own, do you need to convey this to your pastor?
  • Will the Mass be a group ceremony? A private ceremony?
  • Are there any restrictions/requirements for the court of honor in the church?
  • Will the parish decorate the church or can your family decorate?
  • Is photography allowed during the ceremony?
  • What is the fee for the church? What does it include? When should it be paid?
  • Is a deposit required, is it refundable, and if so, under what circumstances?

As soon as you’ve contacted your parish and determined any guidelines, choose a date for the Mass of Thanksgiving. You will want to let your guests know right away when and where your ceremony will take place so that they can plan to attend. If only a few friends and family will be included, you can ask each guest individually. If you are planning to invite a large group of people, invitations are best.

Designing and printing a worship aid for the Mass will allow all of your guests to fully participate. Once all of your details have been confirmed, you can work with a parish coordinator to design this worship aid, or program.

Read the Quinceañera Planner and Keepsake to find out about the rest of the mass — and to plan your fun reception and after-party!

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