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Shelbie Bruce, the 14-year-old actress you know from Spanglish, takes us through her life in the months leading up to her 15th. How will she celebrate? What's it like going to school and movie auditions? Read on to find out!

Shelbie Bruce

Breaking Hollywood's Dress Rule!

Would you choose a dress you already wore for your quince?

This week we are tackling the incredibly hot topic of whether to wear the same dress twice or not. Hollywood says NO!!! But your heart says yes. Well, you know what? I say yes too. As a matter of fact, I give it a big YES!!! Because if you like a dress a lot, then why should you wear it only once? (After all, you have LOTS of quinces to attend!)

I have worn the same dress twice. I’ve collected a number of beautiful gowns over the years from “galas” I’ve attended. Sadly enough, that’s the way those gowns have stayed — just a collection. Well, that’s changing. I’m making my own rules. I want to keep my dress a secret until my party. And it just might be a dress from my “collection.” Now if YOU are going to wear something more than once, you might want to know how to make it different and unique every time.

Hair and accessories are just as important as the dress itself. If you are planning to wear the same dress to a different party, then you should change your hair and accessories.

  • If you wore your hair up the first time, then you should wear it down the next time.
  • You should also wear a different-style necklace and earrings on each occasion.
  • Another trick is to wear the dress by itself one time, and the next time wear a little cropped jacket.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Who says that society should dictate what you do or don’t do, and especially what you wear or don’t wear? I think that when people start messing with what a person is wearing, then they are messing with their personality, their uniqueness, and especially their heart. So just be you and don’t let public pressure decide what dress you ultimately choose!

Posted by: Shelbie Bruce on October 3, 2007 at 12:00AM
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