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A Traditional Quinceañera in Los Angeles

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Quinceañera Tiara

quinceanera tiara quinceanera tiara Here I am modeling my tiara before getting dressed.

Quinceañera Dress

quinceanera dress quinceanera dress quinceanera gown From the back, it's regular me in jeans; from the front, it's me in princess mode!

Quinceañera Makeup

quinceanera makeup quinceanera makeup Glamming up with some gloss.

My Chambelanes

chambelanes chambelanes Aren't my chambelanes cute? My chambelán de honor was my cousin.

Quinceañera Court

quinceanera court, damas, chambelanes quinceanera court My court all decked out in teal, my theme.

Quinceañera Mass

quinceanera mass quinceanera mass It was important to me to keep the tradition of having a church service before my party.

Quinceañera Hall

quinceanera decorations, blue theme, reception hall quinceanera banquet reception hall The reception hall.

Glow in the Dark!

dancing quinceanera dance We loved our glow necklaces.

Father-Daughter Quinceañera Dance

dance with father, quinceanera dance father daughter quinceanera dance Dancing with my dad. (The bubbles you see in the background were a special touch).

Quinceañera Waltz

quinceanera waltz quinceanera waltz Here we're doing our special dance for the guests.

The Toast

quinceanera toast quinceanera toast Cheers!

The Court's Dance

quinceanera court, damas, chambelanes, dance quinceanera court dance I changed my dress (and my damas added leggings) so we could dance comfortably.

Baile de Sorpresa

baile de sorpresa, surprise dance, swing dancing, Christina Aguilera swing dancing at quinceanera Our surprise dance was a swing dance to "Candy Man" by Christina Aguilera.

"I started dreaming about my quinceañera when I first went to one. I was 12," Rachel says. Three years later, Rachel made her dream quince come true and — get this — she did it all by herself! Her parents footed the bill, but it was up to her to make the reservations and stay on top of her schedule (get yours here).

Rachel's Quince — Fast Facts:

  • She found her dress in Los Angeles's garment district.
  • She was a dama in two quinces before her own quinceañera.
  • She booked the hall a year in advance, but did most of the planning three months in advance.
  • Her favorite memory was riding in the limo and taking pictures with her court, which she says was a mix of eight different personalities, from punk to girly.
  • She actually turned 15 in September.

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