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An At-Home Quinceañera in Ohio

Check out the homemade quince that Ashley planned!

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Ashley's Quinceañera Party

quinceanera, party quinceanera, party Ashley's ready to party. Let's join her!

Ashley's Quinceañera Food

quinceanera, food quinceanera, food "We kept the budget short by throwing the party in our house. I decorated the whole house with the help of my mother. We kept everything simple and fun!"

Ashley's Quinceañera Candles

quinceanera, candles, cake quinceanera, cake, candles "My dream for 15 is to really make something of myself. I always dream of being a famous Hispanic singer or actress, but to be realistic, I would love to become something in the medical field and on the sideline do something in my life where I can include music, art, acting, and exploration."

Ashley's Quinceañera Dress

quinceanera, dress quinceanera, dress "My cousin had her quince two weeks before mine. Since I was the dama de honor, our mothers took my cousin and I to this store where they sold a lot of independently made wedding/quince dresses. I love silver, so I browsed the store for a dress that was silver, had a simple design, and was close to a traditional quince dress. I came across this amazing silver and pink dress. It was a lucky find."

Ashley's Quinceañera Guests

quinceanera, guests quinceanera, guests "I had a limit of only inviting 15 friends. I had invited about 50 people despite the limit! About 25 friends showed up, not including my family and friends of the family."

Ashley's Quinceañera Friends

quinceanera, guests quinceanera, guests, friends "[My friends] told me how they felt special to be part of a tradition like a quinceañera. Not many knew what a quinceañera was, or what it meant, and they were happy to be part of one and find out more."

Ashley's Quinceañera Father-Daughter Dance

quinceanera, father, daughter, dance quinceanera, father, daughter, dance "Many [guests] said they liked the dance between father and daughter, and where the quinceañera dances with everyone at the party."

Ashley's Quinceañera Music

quinceanera, music, dance quinceanera, music, dance "The party was held in winter. It's summer now and people still talk about how great the quince was. It helped them understand more about Hispanic traditions. It was an actual life experience, not something taught in Spanish class."

Ashley's Quinceañera Cake

quinceanera, cake quinceanera, cake "My parents only had to pay for the food (which my mom cooked most of), the cake, and my outfit (dress, shoes, hair, jewelry)."
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Her Quince Style: Laid-back, simple, and fun.
From: Lakewood, Ohio
Proud to Be: Nicaraguan
Her Dream for 15: “I want to go to college and receive my PhD in medicine.”
Why We Love Her: Ashley proves quinceañeras can be fun and unforgettable on any budget. Don’t let “My Super Sweet 16” fool you. An inexpensive, homemade quinceañera is just as special if you’re wearing a gorgeous dress, serving delicious food, and surrounded by loved ones. Plus, she wasn’t shy about inviting her non-Latino friends and teaching them about her Hispanic traditions.
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