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My Quince...Before I was Acting with George Lopez

Aimee García tells us all about her quinceañera - find out what she wore, who her chambelán was, and what made her blush!

By Tammy Tibbetts

Aimee GarciaLeer en españolread

q:Who was your chambelán?
a:My dance teacher's son. I didn't know which of my guy friends to choose for my chambelán. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so I went with an outsider.

q:How big was your court?
a:Six girls and six guys.

q:Where did you celebrate your quince?
a:At Pitzaferro's Banquet Hall in Chicago.

q:What did your dress look like?
a:My dress was all white and looked like a poofy version of Cinderella's dress!

q:Did you have a party theme?
a:Yes, I had a hip-hop theme. My court danced hip-hop after the formal ballroom presentation dance. The crowd loved it!

q:What was your crowning moment?
a:When my father took to the dance floor. He is an incredible dancer and always makes people laugh with his moves. Another special moment was when my mother got on the microphone and thanked my relatives who flew in from out of town. I got chills listening to how many people got on a plane from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico to share my special day with me.

q:Did you have an embarrassing moment?
a:Yes! I had to tango with a professional dancer in front of my high school friends. They had never seen me dance before so I was super embarrassed to kick and turn in front of them. I even had a rose behind my ear. I watched the video and my cheeks were flaming the whole time!

q:What do you wish you knew ahead of time about planning?
a:I wish the court had more practice time. I had football players and swimmers trying to waltz. They kept stepping on each other's toes and bumping into the wall. It wasn't pretty.

q:Why was this tradition special to you?
a:Being born in Chicago, I was far from Mexico and its traditions, so my quincea༞ra connected me to my roots. I was doing what my cousins in Mexico were doing. My quinceañera was also special to me because I went to a predominately Caucasian high school and was the ONLY girl in my class to have a quince. I felt like it was my duty to educate my peers. I had to represent!

q:What’s your best beauty tip, for quinces and always?
a:On a daily basis, I moisturize, drink tons of water, and get 8 hours of sleep. But if I want my face to look fresh without any makeup, I pluck my eyebrows. Shaping my eyebrows not only makes my eyes look bigger, it also gives my face a cleaner look instantly!
Leer en españolread

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