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Choreographing el Tiempo de vals

September 3, 2008 at 4:11 PM by Alicia Flores | Comments

¿Qué tal? How many of you are planning on doing a traditional waltz? Are you totally stressed on how to do it perfectly? Check out this video, where the entire court and the quinceañera are introduced during the dance. We messaged the choreographer, Linda, on YouTube. She replied with some great tips for you! And have no fear -- Linda said the court learned this waltz in one day!


  • Make sure to include the bow and curtsy.
  • Recognize each chambelan by dancing with him as his name is announced. The chambelán de honor should go last.
  • Add flowers to the routine to make it extra fancy. A simple twirling in and out while holding roses will do the trick.
  • Present the damas by having them curtsy alongside their chambelán, who escorts them toward the quince girl. Each dama gives her rose to you as she leaves the floor.
  • The main attraction is YOU, the birthday girl, so keep yourself at the center of attention throughout the dance for both the waltz and the surprise dance.

I like how the damas and chambelanes were introduced separately, don't you? At my quince, we introduced them in pairs, but since they're not actually couples in real life, I think the individual attention is nice. How 'bout you?

Hola chicas! I'm Alicia - I live in Los Angeles and I'm Mexican. I had the quince of my dreams last year!

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Hola chicas! I'm Alicia - I live in Los Angeles and I'm Mexican. I had the quince of my dreams last year!
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