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Tuxedo Tips For Your Chambelanes!

Once you’ve picked out your quince dress, coordinating your court’s outfits will be a breeze! While you and your damas know your way around a dress shop, the guys might need a little help with their tuxes, so here’s what you need to know.

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Diego Boneta Tux

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Search for tux styles on MisQuinceMag.com and retailers like Jim's Formal Wear to get an idea of what you like and don't like for your chambelanes. Ask yourself:

1. Do you want them to wear a vest and tie (more casual), or a cummerbund and bow tie (classic)?

2. Do you want their vest or cummerbund color to match the damas’ dresses? (If yes, will your guys be a good sport, even if your damas are wearing pink?)

3. What color? Traditional black, a cool white, a vintage navy — or something crazier?

4. What fabric? Pinstripes (thin or wide stripes running vertically down the jacket and pants) are in, and some fabrics feel different to the touch.

5. What style? There are different collar styles (sometimes called “lapels”), collar lengths (called “stances”), jacket lengths, number of buttons, and pant lengths (called “breaks”).

6. Do you want them to carry accessories? You can go all out with hats, gloves, canes, and other fun extras.

Harry Shum Tux

quince, tux, tuxes, tuxedo, chambelanes, guys, harry shum

Take the guys to the tux rental store to get their measurements. Then, order their tuxes! Plan ahead: a basic tuxedo rental costs between $100 and $150. Fancier styles or alterations increase the price.

Jason Derulo Tux

quince, tux, tuxes, tuxedo, chambelanes, guys, jason derulo

Have the guys pick up their tuxes and try them on again while they’re still in the store. Just in case something's wrong, there will still be time to fix it!

Tristan Wilds Tux

quince, tux, tuxes, tuxedo, chambelanes, guys, Tristan Wilds

The guys are looking muy guapo. Tell them to smile big for your pictures!

Zac Efron Tux

quince, tux, tuxes, tuxedo, chambelanes, guys, Zac Efron

Remind the guys to return their tuxes on time, along with all the little pieces, like pocket squares or cuff links. Most rental stores charge a late fee of around $25 a day.

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