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Meet Cnote, An Up-and-Coming Latino Band

Get the scoop on the Latino band that's ready to hit the big time!

By Tammy Tibbetts

You speak Spanglish. You love your Latina roots, but you also love Zac Efron. Your life is a mix of Latino and Anglo culture. Shouldn't your music be the same? That's where Cnote – a band about to hit the big time – steps in.

Who are they?
David "D'Lo" Pérez
Raúl "RaRa" Molina
Josh "J-Kid" Correa
Orlando "O.T." Torres
Jonathan "Jae" López

Where are they from?
Orlando, FL

When did they start up?
In 2005, David and Raul held auditions in New York, Miami, Orlando, and Los Angeles to find the most talented singers for the band – that's when Josh, Orlando, and Jonathan were discovered!

What's their style?
They sing in Spanish and English, both slower ballads and get-your-groove-on R&B pop songs. They've already performed with Reggaeton stars Daddy Yankee and Ivy Queen, as well as Latin music legends Don Omar and Victor Manuelle.

What's their quince connection?
The guys have been chambelanes at quinces – they tell Mis Quince everything from how chambelanes like to dress to what they think about quince girls who stress too much.

The hit not to miss:
"Forgive Me"

Where to listen:

    1. Cnote visited our offices and recorded these songs just for you — watch them <here on Mis Quince!
    2. On their MySpace page, myspace.com/cnotemusica (friend Mis Quince's page while you're there!)
    3. In stores — their self-titled album and English album "Chivalry" are on sale now.
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