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The Dos and Don'ts of Eye Makeup

How to make your eyes pop.

By Jessalynn Keller

photo by: Famke Backx

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  • Splurge on a cool new shadow. Pricier brands tend to have stronger pigments, making the color last longer. Try: Department store brands, like MAC or Bobbi Brown.
  • Experiment with trendy shades. Deep aquas, purples, and greens are all great choices for fall. Try: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow in Aqua Paradise ($3, drugstores).
  • Curl your lashes, which will make your eyes pop! You can pick up a curler at your drugstore for a couple bucks.
  • Blend! Use a fluffy brush to blend colors and avoid harsh-looking lines.
  • Practice your eye makeup before the big day. It'll give you time to change anything you don't like.

  • Don't!

  • DON’T Empty your wallet on mascara. DO stick to drugstore brands like CoverGirl, Maybelline, and L'Oreal, all which make excellent formulas at reasonable prices.
  • DON’T apply eyeliner under your eyes – it will make them look smaller! DO try applying a stroke of eye shadow along your bottom lash line with an angled brush.
  • DON’T choose an intense smoky eye if you're wearing a dark lip color. DO play up one feature and go neutral with the other. That way, you'll avoid looking like you're wearing too much makeup.
  • DON’T over-tweeze your brows! A full brow is hot for fall and looks more natural. DO tweeze your brows a couple days before your quince to prevent red, puffy skin.
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