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How to Accessorize a Quinceañera Updo with Flowers

Teach yourself the updo here, or print the instructions for your hairstylist!

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Quinceañera Updo

quinceanera updo hairstyle The flowery finished look!

Quinceañera Updo Step 1

quinceanera hairstyle updo 1. Using a tail comb, separate out the top section of your hair. Hint: Your hair will go up easier if it's not freshly washed.

Quinceañera Updo Step 2

quinceanera hairstyle updo 2. Pull this section into a high ponytail on top of your head. Secure with a bungee band, a ponytail holder with a hook at each end.

Quinceañera Updo Step 3

quinceanera hairstyle updo 3. Smooth the front of the ponytail and spritz with hairspray.

Quinceañera Updo Step 4

quinceanera hairstyle updo 4. Pin the tail out of the way.

Quinceañera Updo Step 5

quinceanera hairstyle updo 5. Make a second ponytail directly below the first one, using a bungee band again.

Quinceañera Updo Step 6

quinceanera hairstyle updo 6. Separate out a small section from the base of the lower ponytail. Curl with a one-inch-barrel curling iron.

Quinceañera Updo Step 7

quinceanera hairstyle updo 7. Slip curl out of the iron, then twist and secure it with a couple of bobby pins, letting the end of the curl hang free.

Quinceañera Updo Step 8

quinceanera hairstyle updo 8. Take another section from the lower ponytail, curl, and pin. Repeat until the lower ponytail is all curled and pinned.

Quinceañera Updo Step 9

quinceanera hairstyle updo 9. Now, repeat on the top ponytail.

Quinceañera Updo Step 10

quinceanera hairstyle updo 10. Twist ribbon or beads through curls, then pin in fresh or faux flowers.
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