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How to Get a Wavy Quinceañera Hairstyle

Get your bobby pins and hairspray ready to do the wave! Or print the instructions and take them to your hair stylist.

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Beautiful Wavy Quinceañera Hair

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle Get this look!

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 1

quinceanera, hairstyle, hair, down 1. Use a tail comb to separate hair into sections.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 2

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 2. Leave a section of hair loose at the nape of your neck -- this is where you'll start curling.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 3

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 3. Spray hair with a heat-protecting product.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 4

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 4. Take a small section of hair at the base of your neck, and using a one-inch-barrel curling iron, smooth hair by running the iron down the length of the section.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 5

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 5. Curl the section (from ends to root) with the curling iron.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 7

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 7. Continue curling and pinning other sections into place.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 8

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 8. Do this until all of your hair is curled. Spritz with hairspray and wait at least 30 minutes before doing the next styling steps.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 9

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 9. Unwind curls, starting at the nape of your neck. Continue until all clips have been removed.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 10

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 10. Brush hair gently using a paddle brush.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 11

11. Using a comb, coax hair into a wave and put a clip below the "crest" of the wave.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 12

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 12. Continue waving and pinning down the length of your hair.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 13

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 13. Spritz waves with hairspray and allow it to dry.

Quinceañera Wavy Hair Step 14

quinceanera, wavy hair, hairstyle 14. Remove clips and pin in a pretty barrette.
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